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Hey? Where's the Entertainment?

Don't you hate it when people take themselves too seriously?

I know I do, sometimes. So, this is my reminder to chill a bit. And a place where you can find some of the funnier stuff I've published in TalkBiz News.

I'll get some of that funny stuff posted here soon. Until then...

Below are a few unsolicited comments from actual subscribers and reviews that you might find interesting. (The comments afterward are from me...)

Yes, people really DID send me this stuff. Among other, more "colorful," commentary.

  • "After receiving this much valuable information, I became deathly afraid that Marie Laveaux would be after me if I did not compensate you right away."

    (Wise man. Marie and I had a "chat" last time I was in New Orleans...Really)

  • "You might not be able to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich with it..."

    (Hey... We're still the only online newsletter fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Helps build strong businesses, 12 ways!)

  • "So leaving this bucket load of gold in email form is far too dangerous and hazardous to my future wealth."

    (Usually I'm accused of supplying a bucketload of something else.)

  • "I love it when you rant!"

    (Rant? MOI? It wasn't me. I wasn't even there. It was the guy next to me. Honest, ossifer.)

  • "Your newsletter is very different. Normally, internet marketer use it to sell something but.. you use it to educate... quite interesting :)"

    (Educate and inebriate. Tha'ss my motto!)

  • "PS... sorry about the pending demise of your beloved Yankees at the hands of the Mighty M's in the ALCS :-)"

    (snort) (Note: The baseball gags are old. Just keep in mind that part above about Yankees games and they'll make sense...)

  • "[Paul] is one of the savviest guys I know. And it oozes out of his writing. You don't even have to squeeze. It just comes out."

    (Ummm... Thanks, Damon. I think.)

  • "You are one inspiritational cat! Ya know, your ezine is so freakin' good that I hate to read it!"

    (I be kornfewzedd...)

  • "I just read your most recent issue, and WOW that is some deep stuff you are laying on us."

    (Yep. I can pile it pretty deep...)

  • "Thanks for yet another delightful interruption of my daily routine... ;-)"

    (Sure thing. Now, can I set you up on a three-way call with one of our vice-presidents?)

  • "A friend. A great copywriter. A drinking buddy (of the caffeinated persuasion)."

    (It's true. Years ago, someone persuaded me to be caffeinated. I didn't get his name, but I've never forgotten him. Or his burro.)

  • "I didn't have time to read this today, but I did."


  • "I agree 100% with your take on morons, pin heads, idiots..."

    (This reader is referring to my personal Prime Directive: I have zero tolerance for the premeditatedly stupid.)

  • "I marvelled at the wisdom and giggled at the Serving Suggestion."

    (But did you try it with Jell-O?)

  • "You are a national treasure!"

    (When did New Jersey become a nation?)

  • "Just wanted to let you know I receive several business-oriented mailouts but yours is the only one where I actually read the opinions. Not that I always agree..."

    (<sigh> So close...)

  • "Death to all extremists!"


  • "Your latest issue was so much on-track that I almost hate to let you know I agree 100%. I hope that doesn't discourage you."

    (Damn! I hate it when that happens.)

  • "Thanks for the lucid explanation of the site invaders from hell."

    (Next week: "Killer Pop-Ups from Outer Space!")

  • "I always appreciate your forthright comments... and, just like salt on fries, it wouldn't even taste good without the sarcasm!"

    (Would you like opinions with that?)

  • "He also pulls no punches so, between laughs, you may find yourself cringing once or twice :-)."

    ("Quake with fear, you tiny fools!" Bonus points for those who can identify the quote without Googling.)

  • "Btw, we've used the 'stupid tattoo' concept raising our kids - love it!"

    (Kewl. By the way... How's the rehab going?)

  • "Holy Cow BizMan...!"

    (That's "BizMan, SIR" to you.)

  • "You've got this uninhibited, humorous writing style that reeks with personality. You don't even have a book out, and I still think you kick ass."

    (Hmmm... I have a book out now. Do I still reek... errr... kick ass?)

  • "You write good stuff!"

    (Me thank ewe. Ewe due two!)

  • "Paul's got da goods."

    (Shhh... Somebody's watching me.)

  • "You're not inserting subliminal commands, are you?"

    (Why, no. Buy Paul a beer. Buy Paul a beer... Hey! You're not supposed to be reading this! I don't believe in that nonsense. And either do you.)

  • "I dig the way you talk right to me in your e-rag."

    (I'm hip, daddy-o. The Man ain't cool with it, but he's a drag, you know?)

  • "Just wanted you to know you're doing many things out there besides what you intend. That might be scary or comforting."

    (Do they include world peace and an end to spam?)

  • "I think your newsletter is great! I like the stories you throw in, like the wombat one."

    (Shh. That's only supposed to be for subscribers...)

  • "Let's Go METS!!! :-)"

    (Was that really necessary?)

  • "You are the only one that makes me laugh out loud while reading really sensible material."

    (The State Department has not authorized any unsolicited or inappropriate laughter among the press or visitors. We will not rule out the death penalty for those mocking our... Hey! Cut that out back there!)

  • "As usual, I like your acid laced style, shooting from the hip (must go with the black cowboy hat, does it?)"

    (Actually, I think it's a dietary thing.)

  • "I like this newsletter. It really comes at ya."

    (Email: Not your father's push technology!)

  • "I like wombats."

    (Hey, it's not my place to judge your lifestyle choices. Just keep the shades drawn, okay?)

  • "I enjoyed your articles and wanna be just like you when I grow up."

    (Ma'am, if you grow up, you can't be just like me!)

  • "Not always sane, but always worthwhile."

    (I don't know about that last part...)

  • "I am shocked!!!! That was my first time I read something complete."


  • "BTW, how do you make money out of your ezine? I see no affiliate links in it. Are you really that generous? :)"

    (Shhh... I'm lulling them into a false sense of security...)

  • "Who are the 'Yankees' and do they ever play the Rams?"

    (Will you people knock that off?)

  • "Okay, I just spit my coffee all over the keyboard!

    "I have NEVER laughed so hard, for so long, while reading anything that claimed to be about BUSINESS - and still managed to learn some things, too!"

    (Wait until I get warmed up. You may want to put those plastic slip covers back on the furniture...)

  • "Wow, dude, a coronary in the making. I love your rants."

    (Thanks, Bart! Mmmmmm... Beeeer...)

  • "By the way: your newsletter is free. What is it that you can sell to me? Don't forget people love to buy what they really need (and sometimes other stuff, too)."

    (Wanna buy a duck?)


    (All right. That will be QUITE enough of THAT.)

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